Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                                      August 2014

Five Things You Need to Know About IT TodayThe first thing that you must understand about IT today is how to derive institutional intelligence out of the massive volumes of data collected by your organization. This information has the power to inform better decision-making and to support more effective and agile provision of valuable services and resources.

Aggregating data from various sources is just a first step. Knowing how to implement technology that will enable your organization to correlate, catalog, and reference that data in a meaningful way is equally important, as it allows you to identify opportunities to improve the services you offer and the way in which you provide them. Because this data often includes personally identifiable information, IT security is also on our “Top Five” list. Defending and protecting your technology infrastructure while simultaneously enabling welcomed participants to engage and access critical resources in the easiest and most efficient manner require sophisticated security and IAM technologies.
We round out our list with two related topics: compliance (regulatory and governmental) and IT governance and budgetary management. Identifying and assessing the risks associated with IT is a must, particularly given the new vulnerabilities presented by emerging communications and computing technologies. Making this effort part of IT governance, itself a critical undertaking, can help assure that the organization is guided by sound IT policies and procedures that reinforce its overall strategy and goals.

Appropriate and effective implementation of these concepts can enable your organization to realize the promise of technology and use it to gain a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Inovus News

  • The new Inovus Technology Solutions website launched in late 2013. The website was re-designed for our new branding and includes expanded information on our services, solutions, client success stories and job opportunities.
  • Inovus has opened a regional headquarters in Minneapolis at 1660 Hwy 100 South, Suite 500, St. Louis Park, MN 55146