Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                            February 2016

Aligning Cloud-Based and On-Premise Technologies with the Right Federated Solutions 

An effectively implemented security and identity access management (IAM) solution can mean the difference between getting the most from cloud applications or just having another outsourced system. To offer the best possible user experience — namely, seamless access to all applications via a single sign-on — an organization must ensure that its cloud applications work with the same user credentials and security access policies as any of its on-premise applications. Federated technology makes this possible.

Federated foundational technologies such as SAML 2.0 and Shibboleth enable organizations to develop an authentication scheme across cloud and on-premise applications without making changes to existing technology infrastructure. Bridging the authentication and security divide, federated technology creates a trust relationship and provides the gateway for individual access to external entities and applications on a per-user basis.

Given the ubiquity of cloud-based applications, every organization will at some point face the challenge of providing transparent access to these applications. Thus, the question is not whether to deploy federated technology, but how best to do it.

The right technology for any given organization will depend on the applications that need to be connected, as well as their capabilities. An organization that has, for example, implemented cloud-based ID management, such as Microsoft’s Azure or Oracle’s OIF, will have very different options and opportunities than an organization that depends on an on-premise security and IAM solution.

The better aligned the federated technology is to the requirements of existing systems and infrastructure, both on-premise and cloud-based, the less technology will be needed to bridge any gaps. By understanding the applications involved on both sides and by making the right choice from the start, an organization can reduce the time and cost of establishing the transparent authentication essential to their enterprise needs.


Inovus News

  • Inovus Technology Solutions has secured an engagement with Sunoco, LP., to implement iCIMS SaaS applicant tracking system. 

  • Inovus Technology Solutions has signed a contract agreement to provide University of California System Colleges with strategic PeopleSoft application security and federated authentication services.