Inovus Intelligence - Insights on IT Alignment                             July 2015

The Three C's: Compliance, Competition, and Competence, Part III

The first two installments in this three-part series explore compliance and competition, examining how each plays a central role in the success of an organization. This third and final installment takes a look at competence, which determines an organization’s success in managing compliance and evaluating its competitive position.

Competence is not limited to specific business or technical acumen. Nor can it be viewed strictly through the lens of profitability. Rather, competence is the understanding of the many factors that contribute to the health of the organization. It allows the organization to take a holistic approach to self-evaluation and build intelligence that informs future strategy.

Competence comes with knowing what questions to ask about the internal workings of the organization, as well as the external forces shaping the marketplace. Organizations often use metrics and dashboards to gain insight into their operations and their competitive position. In some instances, however, the organization is unwittingly using the right tools to answer the wrong questions, or simply working with the wrong tools. Though working to increase its competence, the organization is in fact becoming proficient in doing the wrong thing.

Working with the right team to develop the relevant expertise and tools, an organization can accurately determine the metrics that are most important in answering fundamental business questions, move forward in understanding the meaning of those answers, and use that knowledge to take proper action.

In short, as this three-part series explains, proficiency with respect to compliance, competition, and competence is critical to the success of an organization. With the ability to address the three C’s effectively, organizations can avoid the institutional vulnerability that can damage the corporate brand, threaten overall financial welfare or viability, or create circumstances that lead to lawsuits or litigation.

Inovus News

  • Leslie Davis Niemoeller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has been appointed as a Director of Marketing to the 2015-16 Board of Directors of the FRIENDS of the Minnesota Orchestra. Leslie served on last year's Board as a Director of Membership.