Case Study #5 – Identity & Access Management


  • Our client was a large consumer electronic retailer seeking a review of their Identity Management infrastructure and related systems.
  • Several incompletely merged Identity Management and Human Resources systems were coexisting independently. These separate systems resulted in inconsistencies, inefficiencies and limited operational capacity.
  • Without a uniform service platform for all in-store employees, customers were receiving suboptimal service, and processes were not adequately streamlined.


  • The strategic vision of a uniform service platform relied on backend support services from an enhanced Identity Management infrastructure; however the client’s existing corporate Identity Management system was nearing its End Of Life (EOL).
  • The client had complex corporate structure with operations in six countries and more than 180,000 employees.
  • The client’s strategic vision was for efficient administration of its user recourse access credentials and related properties coupled with the opportunity to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


  • Interviews were conducted with all stakeholders, including employees who possessed firsthand knowledge of the current systems, as well as with prior Identity Management Analysts who had insight into previous recommendations.
  • To understand the data flow dependencies within the client’s existing Identity Management systems, actual directory system data was reviewed and analyzed.
  • An audit firm was commissioned to complete an Identity Inventory, which led to indentifying the applications needed to satisfy the client’s strategic vision.


  • The optimal solution, named Global Employee Hub (GEH), called for a uniform service platform for all in-store employees, enhanced integration of disparate HR data, universal company-wide access to identity data, and enhancement to the identity and access management technology.
  • We identified a new Identity Management system that would reap profits from increased efficiencies, and gain the capacity necessary to support the additional attributes required to complete the GEH vision. 
  • Inovus Technology Solutions charted a timeline for retiring outdated infrastructure, including the phased implementation of a new global application for optimal synchronization through all aspects of the client’s operations.