What is IT Rationalization? 

One of the biggest challenges facing small to medium-sized business is the “technology gap”, meaning that IT investments and processes have been made without alignment with the business plan. IT Rationalization is typically an enterprise-wide initiative to determine the best source of IT services and to reduce non-productive redundancy in information technology solutions across an enterprise. The effort involves the systematic and coordinated consolidation, integration, and standardization of IT systems, networks, hardware, applications, facilities, and other infrastructure. Some of these infrastructure components may end up more completely rationalized than others based on differing constraints and limitations.

Such rationalization efforts typically include a formally articulated set of goals and objectives, but normally include such success factors as enhanced economies of scale; greater interoperability of applications, products, and services across the enterprise; and faster deployment of new shared products and services. 

IT Rationalization Provides the Results You Need

The enterprise and IT department in particular, may face one or several external factors such as budget shortfalls, merger, acquisition or market turn-downs, which in turn may accelerate the need to take meaningful and critical action in the form of IT rationalization steps. Consequently, it is essential to pursue not just tactical, but strategic and systemic actions, that will result in permanent ongoing changes in how IT functions.

Ultimately, the implementation of IT Rationalization is not unlike any other high profile strategic IT project in that it requires both a plan and appropriate solution resources. 

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