Project Management

Solution implementations, as enabled through project management services, as well as assistance in concept design and development, are an important part of our IT consultancy. Once a need has been recognized, whether for new system implementation or IT restructuring, it is important to understand the effects that technology solutions will have on productivity.

New or existing technologies are pathways to leverage and improve business, if coordinated properly. Businesses need not fear the implementation of new platforms when a timeline is developed, with input from all stakeholders, and managed by the experts at Inovus Technology Solutions. Updated technology solves business problems and is also the gateway to higher productivity and ultimately more profits.

Our project management services include a wide array of technology implementation expertise including Cloud Computing Solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting (BI), e-Commerce and Intranet/Extra-net Portals, and Infrastructure). Our SME’s, project managers and staff augmenters understanding of key business technologies, coupled with outstanding relationships with leading vendors, is the winning combination for providing you the highest level of cost savings for project management services.

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