Strategic Analysis Workshop

Is your IT operation truly aligned with your business plan, your business goals and business objectives? You have a destination in mind, but may be unsure of the steps to get there. Inovus Technology Solutions offers a partial day retreat designed to guide organizations through a self-exploratory exercise by examining the business vision and the alignment of that vision with current IT operations.

Led by our facilitators and subject matter experts, our Strategic Analysis Workshop creates a risk-free and pressure-free forum that teaches new concepts for developing an action model for future IT strategic plan development. By the end of the Workshop, you will have the tools needed to move forward with your own IT Roadmap.

What You Can Expect
  • A review of your business and the alignment of IT strategic and operational plans.
  • Identification of areas to re-align IT or shift the business plan.
  • What you can do in the near-term to create better alignment.
  • How to improve strategic alignment through a cost-effective IT strategic plan development.
  • Overall understanding of the real value of IT strategic planning.

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