Gap Analysis

The Strategic Analysis Workshop helps you recognize the gap between where you are currently and where you want your organization to go. Getting to that destination first requires stakeholders to define, as an organization, what success means, what it looks like, how it would be different from the current circumstances and how it would be measured.

During the Workshop, Inovus SME’s and business analysts conduct a Gap Analysis to determine what your current state is, how your IT supports your business and where your IT infrastructure could better support your business initiatives. The results of the Gap Analysis typically help all stakeholders understand why certain phases of their operations are seemly at cross-purposes. These conflicts are usually caused by the lack of proper IT alignment and systems that have not kept pace with a company’s needs. Our workshop can help define a path forward to resolution of these issues.

The Gap Analysis includes assessing:

  1. Opportunities
  2. Constraints
  3. Time and sequence dependencies
  4. Actual/real alignment with the organizational and business objectives.